Employment Law and Grounds For Firing – White Lies and So Called Mistakes on Resumes

Many employees don’t realize that when they doctor up their resumes or they purposely make mistakes on their resume to make themselves look good, they are actually committing a fraud. It is indeed a fire-able offence if and when they are caught. Many employees tell white lies during an interview or on their resume and then they get hired. They wrongly assume once they are hired they are safe, but that’s not what the court says, and that’s not how employment law works.

Often, during wrongful termination lawsuits the employer will note that the employee lied when they were hired. And this will get the employer off the hook in a lawsuit, but not always. But if an employee lies about their abilities, they can expect to be fired if they fail to perform.

Lying on a resume is the same as lying in a business proposal, as you are misrepresenting the facts, like false advertising. You are putting yourself out to be something that you are not, in the hopes that you can trick the other party into giving you money. If one business makes a contract with another business and yet the first business lied about their abilities, then this is obviously a breach of contract.

The basic employment laws concerning these issues work the same way. Now often, an employee can merely say it was an honest mistake, and maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t, what it was; was a convenient mistake, whether it was a lie or not. And that just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to employees and the laws.

Please consider all this and act accordingly. Your resume should be absolutely flawless and the absolute truth. Please consider all this.

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Load to Load Transportation Compared to Third Party Logistics Firms

Load to load (LTL) transportation is one of the fields where outsourcing your logistics for your business can make a large benefit in both timeliness of operations, and reducing the costs of your shipping and transportation logistics needs. An LTL solution involves integration across several transportation venues – be it road, rail or ocean cargo. The key to LTL transportation is that by consolidating less than full truck loads of freight into one line hauling operation, you can get economies of scale, but at the cost of shipping taking a bit longer to turn.Third party logistics companies attempt to provide integration of all logistics operations, whether it’s by providing integrated services, or handling rate comparisons with existing logistics providers. By comparison, an LTL transportation company does only one thing.Handling your own LTL solutions contracting means that you ‘cut out the middleman’, on the other hand, it doesn’t work if you need a wider range of services. If your logistics needs involve consistently large package pickups and deliveries, but don’t need extra services like tracking numbers or air freight, an LTL transportation company may be able to handle a significant portion of your load at a greatly reduced cost.By contrast, if you consistently run a large number of small parcels, or have parcels that go to a wide range of first order destinations, a third party logistics solution, one that integrates and gets competing quotes from different parcel shipping companies, can reduce the chaos of your shipping department, and at the extreme end of things, can result in them taking over all of your shipping operations. Good third party logistics firms are effectively technology companies that happen to sell integrated parcel pickup and delivery services.As with anything that deals with the lifeblood of your business (shipping, and the attendant management of your relationship with customers), an LTL solution should be evaluated with regards to what services you actually use. LTL transportation companies come in several different sizes and often have localized areas where they serve; within their constraints they’re a great way to save money on your companies logistics needs.By contrast, third party logistics providers are going to be more expensive, but more capable, and will handle shipping to a wider range of destinations. One way to look at both services is that you’d use a load-to-load provider if you were shipping components to a vendor to be integrated into a larger operation, while you’d use a third party logistics company if you were shipping to customers around the country, or moving things between branch offices with regularity.

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Payday Loan Providers: Keep Options Open

Governments continue with their attempts to clamp down on payday loan regulations. In several countries, lawmakers are trying to make it more difficult for the average person to obtain a fast cash loan. Their motives are based on protecting citizens from falling further in debt. On the other hand, their methods are not as accepted. Clamping down on safe payday loan providers services and limiting access to emergency help has not proven overly successful. In fact, for many borrowers, it has made their situation worse.It is true that payday loans are not a good solution for many people in a budget crunch. The interest is high and the payoff term is fast. People who continuously struggle with money issues are less successful with this type of money help. The ‘cycle of debt’ skyrockets once a short-term loan enters in. The root of the borrower’s financial problems is masked by the end result. There are major contributing factors to a household’s budget demise. Why the debt problems for lower income individuals are left to hang on the heads of a direct lender remains a conundrum.Frequent payday loans are signs of ongoing struggles. For the most part, when a person has a functioning budget, the only interaction they have with payday loan direct lenders is reading about them in the news. These folks have been able to manage their income well or at least controlled the damage from too much outstanding debt. The balance between earning and spending evens out by the end of month.When debt becomes out of control and people lose their ability to use credit cards, many opt for easy cash. Best payday loan providers approve applicants who are not creditworthy. There are other alternative fast cash opportunities but these unsecured loans fair well. If the direct lender is using fair business practices and has competitive prices their services are used successfully by many borrowers. Yes, they are more expensive options than credit cards or personal loans, but it is the nature of the beast. There are some predatory lenders that do try to take advantage of an applicant’s vulnerable position. They do not account for all lenders despite what the papers say.Government officials need to find ways to promote money management education, regulate credit card debt before it becomes destructive and regulate alternative lenders in order to keep the fraudulent ones out. Taking away choices altogether will send those in need on a desperate search for any company that has a solution. When safe direct payday providers are shut down or overly regulated, those that are not will receive applications instead. This is not helping. Laws are pushing desperate people into the hands of predatory lenders. The chances for debt cycles to explode are there. Unregulated companies will often have higher fees, poor service and bad collecting policies. Financial woes will multiply.Borrowers that are credit challenged have already sunk into unmanageable financial trouble. It is going to take lots of hard work to become debt free. In the meantime, there are alternative money options which may or may not help a person stay the course. Credit checks defeat their attempts and they turn to no credit check direct loans for help. It may take a few months to pay it back, but at least the option was there to take care of the money emergency.The short-term loan industry does need regulation to help maintain a sense of order. The option should not be scrapped altogether. Applicants are safer when there is a choice between a safe direct lender and a predatory one. They have to be taught the difference rather than only having access to a bad lender.

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